Dental Temp Agency Case Study

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Traditional Dental Temp Agencies are a Waste of Money Dealing through a “middleman” for dental staffing is a waste of money. A traditional dental temp agency that serves as the go-between party connecting dental professionals with dental practices charges a pretty penny for their services. Both the dental professional and the employer compensate in order to cover the price of a dental hygiene temp agency. How much? Typical contracts charge between 12 and 50 percent of the worker’s hourly rate times the number of hours worked. Why Traditional Temp Agencies are a Bad Idea for Dental Practices Let’s say you are a dental practice in Houston searching for a dentist to fulfill a short-term staffing need. The process involved is typically as…show more content…
Cloud Dentistry only charges a small fee for using the platform. Dental offices make their own real-time matches to dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants as well as specialists all from one platform. How the Cloud Dentistry Platform is Different From Placement Agencies Cloud Dentistry serves as a matching service and not a placement service. Cloud Dentistry does not micro-manage the placement of an employee with a dental office, rather it empowers end-users to make matches themselves. The process can be completely in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditional dental temp agency. Technology is the power behind the Cloud Dentistry service, not expensive in-house labor. Because of this low overhead, Cloud Dentistry is able to beat competitor prices but up to 50 percent for temporary placements and up to 90 percent for permanent placements. Dental Health Professionals Sell Themselves Short by Using Traditional Staffing Agencies One of the main benefits of contracting out your services on a temp basis, is the increase in pay compared to a regular dental position working for someone…show more content…
In fact, many of these specialists are paid as little as 30 percent of production. Of course the specialists would keep more earnings by opening their own practice, but the burdens of student loans, lack of startup money, and patient foundation to start from - makes this an unrealistic option for most. By using Cloud Dentistry, dental professionals can reap the following benefits: Truly work independently and charge their own set rate to the dental practice. Growth of an overhead-free practice to advance the career of the specialist. Exposure to a large network of dental practices. Earn a greater portion of production dollars without the stress of their own practice. There is no charge for dental specialists to use Cloud Dentistry. Stop Wasting Money Today . Dental offices and dental professionals can use Cloud Dentistry as a simple online platform to connect them to the employees or the dental temp jobs they need. The system saves everyone money that was wasted in the past on traditional dental temp agencies. Create your free profile now to change the way you manage dental staffing or job searching

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