Dental Trauma Case Study

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Introduction- The purpose of this paper is to discuss a rarest case of hidden maxillary tooth in infra-orbital space following trauma. Pediatric dental injuries leading to traumatic tooth displacement is common in children, although it very rare and sometimes challenging to diagnose and treat traumatically embedded tooth in vital tissue spaces which may lead to serious complications if ignored. Case report- A 4-year old male child was brought with injuries on his face and mouth and swelling over left side of face, resulting from fall. The intra-oral examination revealed absence of all maxillary incisors. The paranasal sinus view showed a vague tooth-like object embedded in the floor of left orbit. The correct location and type of tooth could not be ascertained till the end of procedure. Comments- The above case is about the importance of seeking every tooth lost in trauma. It discusses complications of not following standard protocol for diagnosis and treatment in such rare cases. Key Words: dental trauma, embedded tooth, hidden, infra-orbital space, seeking, standard protocol. Introduction…show more content…
Among all facial injuries, dental injuries are the most common. As much as 18% of all injuries in children up to 6 years of age are seen in the oral region.2 Injuries to the primary dentition are common, occurring with a significantly higher annual incidence than in the permanent dentition. One third of all children in the primary dentition stage suffer from traumatic injuries to the mouth. This is possibly related to poor motor coordination and is sometimes due to the child’s inability to evaluate

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