Dental Treatment Anxiety: A Case Study

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Dental Treatment anxiety among Patients attending Govt. and Private sector dental Hospitals of Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang province China
Ali Amin
Comparison and assessable frequency of Dental treatment procedures among patients visiting Government and Public sector dental hospitals in Jiamusi City Heilongjiang province China.
these studies were started in 2015.this cross section studies were conducted around 200 patients at government and private dental clinics and hospitals of Jiamusi city. Mostly patients were selected through sampling techniques from Outpatient Departments (OPD) and private patients. Statistic data was collecting by using structural questionnaire and individual patient’s interviews. Data was analyzed using Modified Dental Anxiety Scale and SPSS version statistics 20.0.
Dental scaling fillings and most important tooth extractions were identified as a common reason to visit dentist. Mostly patients shows there anxiety to a local anesthetic injections .Total 200 patients were examined and studied of which 92 (46%) were males of different age groups and 108 (54%)were females of different age groups. Majority out door patients (OPD) was answered by 55 (27%) and 50 (25%) patients. Among the 138(69%)out door patients(OPD) Patients had satisfied and positive experience in dental (OPD).Dental anxiety treatment was discovered in 6 (3%) patients at private dental clinics and hospitals in contrast to none in public dentistry hospitals and clinics by using MDAS Modified Dental Anxiety Scale.
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How would you feel while you are sitting and you are waiting for your treatment?
How would you feel if heard the drilling or restoring sounds of teeth?
How would you feel if you were about have dental scaling or dental polishing?
How would you feel if tomorrow will be your tooth

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