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2. Material and methods: The study was conducted in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. The study population included General Dental Practitioners (GDPs), Community Dental Service and Hospital Dental Care in Ahmedabad district. The list consisted of 300 dentists. A total of 300 questionnaires were sent out by using Google Online Survey Form. A mail explaining the aims of the study was sent along with basic information and coded questionnaires. Reminder was sent after 15 days of initial mailing. Those dentists, who failed to reply the reminder, were contacted by telephone at their practice. If the practitioners had misplaced the original questionnaire, they were again sent to them. Questionnaires were accepted upto 6 weeks after the starting date.…show more content…
In this study, children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease were 55%. Haemophilia or other coagulopathy, Insulin dependent diabetes and Epilepsy were 5 8%, 5% and 30 % respectively. Practitioners had treated very few children with malignancies (2%) [FIGURE 2]. The lack of familiarity regarding various medical conditions and pharmacological regimens is of concern and suggest the need for readily available specialist dental care for children requiring dental treatment. Medically compromised children who have high caries risk should have dental check-ups every 3-6 months even if they don’t have any problems concerning their teeth16. Also, Poor Oral hygiene status of the medically compromised children to those of the general population. However, in case of medically compromised children, prevention of dental disease becomes more important because sometimes, dental disease can be life threatening17. General dentist expressed a lack of experience in treating medically compromised children and associated dental education. Preventive dental disease is important for these children and we agree with other investigators who have suggested that a system of

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