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When thinking of a career to study for this course, I have always chosen the career that I want to pursue. The career I have focused primarily on this semester is a dentist. I have wanted to be a dentist since my orthodontist made me cry and I began to explore the field of dentistry. I started looking for a nearby dentist in the Midtown area to interview. Lucky for me I did not have to look far. I was able to interview Dr. Jeffrey J Siegert and his son Dr. Tyler J Siegert. In this paper, I will start with a review of each person and the process that I took when interviewing them. Within the descriptions of each provider, I will convey some insight into their jobs, education, and experience. Next, I will provide a detailed account of the interview itself. I will then reflect on the interview by discussing how it went, what questions were the most helpful, and the new knowledge I gained after conducting the interview. Next, I will discuss what they told me I would take to get to this point and I will prove it with my research. I will then convey four descriptions of knowledge that I gained. This section will also include information that surprised me. Lastly, I will reflect on my performance during this interview assignment. This section will include descriptions on what I believe I did well, what I think I can improve on, and how the information I received in this interview will help me in the…show more content…
I had been telling myself that I would go next door and introduce myself with the hopes one of them would let me shadow them of have an internship, however, I had yet to do so. I went on the Wednesday before I conducted the interview and spoke with the receptionist. I explained to her that I was a senior pre-dental student at Creighton University and was doing an assignment where I needed to interview a health care provider in a field that I am interested

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