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My future long-term career goal is to become a dentist. Dentistry has been an interest of mine since very young due to the small gaps between my teeth. I also refused to smile at times and therefore I made my goal to become a dentist in order to cure people of their smile insecurities. As a result, I decide to use this interview report as an opportunity to interview a local dentist who is also a close friend. On March 7th, 2018 I visited the Smile Solution Dental Group of Pembroke Pines to interview Dr. Marielba Maniglia. Dr. Maniglia is a doctor of dental medicine and earned her degree in 2000 at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela. She then moved to the United States and completed a second dental degree at Nova Southeastern…show more content…
During a day she helps a lot of people. She relieves the patient’s pain and makes it possible for them to eat comfortably. The patients leave with a smile and very so often she’ll receive a heartfelt thank you and even a hug. However, being a dentist does require long hours of work. Dr. Maniglia wakes up as early as 5:30am during a work day and would leave her office as late as 6:00pm. When she is working, she usually goes from station to station helping patients. Most of the days are so busy that she only has a few minutes to eat lunch. Even though she sees a lot of patient and works for long periods of time, she stated that her work team helps her immensely. She usually works with two or three dental assistants that help minimize her workload. The dental assistants guide the patients to their dental chair, obtain the patient’s records, and prepare them for treatment. In addition, Dr. Maniglia has one or two girls helping her at the reception desk. Despite being very busy, Dr. Maniglia manages her time to balance work time and family time. Since she owns her own dental clinic, she is in control of her own schedule and where has a healthy balance between work and…show more content…
These three were the most common procedures as stated by Dr. Maniglia. She usually performs at least three regular checkups each day and the regular checkups include teeth whitening and removing cavities. She stressed the importance of brushing one's teeth to avoid forming cavities. She added that cavities form when food builds up in the teeth forming a sticky plaque. This plaque contains bacteria which lead to tooth decay. By brushing one’s teeth frequently, the tormenting pain of the dental handpiece. Moreover, she stated that no particular procedure was difficult. However, she shared a personal anecdote in which she faced a rare situation regarding a patient’s wisdom teeth. She stated that “About one year ago, [she] performed a tooth extraction in which the patient’s wisdom teeth were buried into the [jaw] bone. It was a long and demanding procedure”

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