Dentist Personal Statement

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I always enjoyed partaking in church’s mission programs like Swanthnam (a day with old age people), or taking care of sick people. At these missions I got to know more about Dr. Sunil Cherian, a member of the church and who is also an enthusiast in church’s activities. In my high school days, I got to take part in one of the dental camps conducted by him for Down syndrome kids. I was captivated by the way he approached kids. He was so compassionate with them that even the stubborn kids showed him their mouth. He once told me that he feels lucky to be a dentist, because he could create beautiful smiles and also help the needy. When the question came what career I wanted, I know I want a profession, where I could care for people. After talking with Dr. Sunil, I decided to pursue a career in dentistry.

When I was pursuing my B.D.S at St. Gregorios Dental College, in India, little did I know that my plans to do higher studies in India needed to be shelved. I got married to a lovely person who is working in U.S. Few months after our marriage; we had a new member to our family. My husband and I decided, no matter what, we both should be there for him,
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While applying to schools here, I got curious to know more about dental field in U.S. As at this time I was under an H4 visa, I had to find some places where I could shadow/volunteer. Some dentists were little apprehensive to taking on volunteers because teaching in front of patients can be difficult and time consuming. Often the patients do not feel comfortable with volunteers in dental procedures. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to shadow Dr. Shirley Mathews. I was amazed by how different the practice was here in U.S, especially the equipments, office software’s, insurance etc. Dr. Mathews dedication, hard work and her skills on building a healthy patient relationship inspired me to invest more on preparation for DDS
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