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The field of Dentistry by virtue of its anatomy is an area of healthcare in India which flickers concern only when pain is an ingredient , thereby making it reactive and not proactive in nature . As on now , India as a country presents over five thousand dental clinics comprising both organized and unorganized sector . The dental education sector also witnesses around two hundred and ninety-seven Dental institutes. Hence ,without doubt the scope of the dentistry in India is huge , the market is vast and it is forecasted that across the globe , India has the potential to be one of the largest single country markets for dental products and materials. The foray of investment groups pumping funds into the construction of multi speciality
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There is a slow but steady growth in the awareness of Oral healthcare . In today’s world – more people are opting for cosmetic treatment and dental companies are constantly working on the development of newer products that diminish patient discomfort. With this in the background, the demand for dental products and services is anticipated to grow in the future.
The new age consumer of dental health services are very well read and can have any information they want at the click of a button . Likewise , the dental industry is a work in progress and always on the look out to improvise and better the delivery of services . Thereby, the search , discovery and implementation of procedures and solutions which will make dental surgery less invasive and less time consuming is an on going process .
The concept of Dental being a corrective treatment modality is slowly moving towards becoming a preventive treatment modality . A good amount of time and effort is fixated on the prevention of dental disease occurrence . This in turn is driving the demand for restorative and repair
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More so, with the diverse economic status of the India population , for some even the basic dental services are often unavailable and unaffordable. This is a key differentiating factor with the availability and affordability of dental services across other parts of the world . Namely US , Europe which have wonderful systems in place to ensure the best and routine oral health care for its citizens .

Aim of the study
The aim of this study is to explore the Indian Dental Services and Insurance market . Through this , attempt to draw a parallel between the impact of dental insurance on the awareness and acceptance of dental health services in India. To further review the correlation between age , industry and outlook toward dental health

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