Dentistry Personal Statement

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I believe that life is shaped by unique ambitions that seem so magical at a young age. My life so far has been a striking example of this. Ever since my childhood biology and especially medical sciences have never failed to fascinate me. One of my distinct memories from middle school is a lecture on cell biology and physiology. I was amazed at how something so microscopic could be so well-organized and carry out functions that have such a profound effect on the entire organism. This kindled my inquisitiveness towards the subject and as I learnt more it led me to aspire for a career in medical field.
I’ve always considered art as a medium of connecting with the world. It initially started as doodling, and over my teenage years evolved into
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Since my exposure to the health care field was limited to biology classes and trips to the hospital, I decided that before committing to a career path, I needed a closer look at the profession. I took guidance from a physician and a dentist and observed at their private practices. Although observing at the physician's office was exciting, observing different procedures at the dental clinic made me realize how close dentistry would bring me to both medicine and art, two fields that I am very passionate about. This made me choose dentistry as my profession and the five years of learning experience has helped me realize my love for the…show more content…
I believe that these five years of dentistry apart from being an exhilarating learning experience has shaped me into who I am today, and has given me a passion to learn. One of the experiences I enjoyed the most during my clinical years was assisting at post graduate clinics of different specialities. It gave me an opportunity to learn something new each time I was assisting. This made me think about applying to a post graduate programme.
During this time, I happened to meet a friend who was doing dentistry abroad after finishing her post graduation in India. She told me about her learning experience there and the amount of exposure she had attained.
Although I was very excited about the idea of applying to a post graduate programme in India, the encounter with my friend and researching about programs abroad made me realize that if I wanted to grow in dentistry I need to have access to the best education and cutting edge technology.
As I take this step forward I'm reminded of my grandfather's words "Man's greatest gift from god is the ability to acquire knowledge and use it to shape his talents and with it serve people. There lies his greatest Vocation. "
I believe my vocation is Dentistry and a DDS program would put me on the right path to achieving my maximum potential as a Dentist and help me provide quality dental
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