Arturo Rotor's Aim At A Justification Of Life

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Thesis statement: The short stories of Arturo Rotor aim to arrive at a justification of life. ?????
I. There is an entity that is present in all the minds of human beings called the collective unconscious.
A. The collective unconscious is not an entity that has been developed across a lifespan of an individual but it has been acquired or inherited and has effectively existed since remotest times.
B. The ideas of the collective unconscious are presented in primordial inherent patterns and psychological structures common to all human beings or the so-called archetypes. 1. The concept of archetypes is shown only in symbolic forms that have been occurring constantly in the course of history. 2. These ideas come out
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Through the work of the author, the thoughts of the collective unconscious which are in the form of archetypes are showcased.
3. However, it cannot be denied that in the backgrounds and utmost inference of the writer’s works his personal psychology may possibly be drawn. D. Although archetypal analysis might not be the most appropriate method to conduct such an undertaking, Jung’s analytical psychology would prove Rotor’s aim is to justify life through his short stories.

II. In the short story Deny the Mockery, Arturo Rotor has made a reflective account about life through the anima, the archetype of meaning.
A. The character of a convict named Johnny reflects the archetypal ideas of conduct or the anima.
1. The ideas of conduct were presented through Johnny’s generosity, kind-heartedness, and sympathy towards Javier and his co-prisoners.
2. The hero archetype was markedly reflected through the character of Johnny.
3. Johnny was adored and looked up to by everyone as shown in the story “Johnny was our right hand man, and the most colourful figure in the prison.”
C. The personal story of the narrator shows similarity to the story of Javier. 1. The similarity of both stories is strongly presented in text: "I was too much like Javier, I could be hurt and

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