Deo's Massacres In Burundi

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Deo wanted to understand what had happened to him in his past in Burundi and wanted to question his life in order to find answers by remembering his past and relying on philosophy to help him. As a young boy, Deo understood the importance of cows to his family and the pride it gave to own cows to many families as well. Even though Deo was poor, he lived better than other families and worked hard; he did labor work in order to bring food to the table for his family and himself. As he grew up, he went to school and had eventually become a third year medical student. After a while, his whole world changed when he experienced the civil war and genocide in Burundi. Afterwards, Deo continuously had horrible memories from his past in his new home, New York, and could not understand how everyone else seemed so content with their lives.…show more content…
Kidder is insisting that Deo could not understand why the massacres in Burundi had to occur and he felt out of place with the rest of the world because he felt as though he was the only one who dealt with major life events in his past, like Wordsworth felt he was with his loss of innocence. As a result, Deo felt the need to question what had happened to him and why it had to occur in his life. Deo could not understand what was left in life and what more he might have to go through. Deo states, “Who is left to trust, really? God? God the most powerful, who let everything happen?”
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