Departure Time Short Story

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The number of multicultural families in the United Kingdom has risen dramatically over the last few decades as a result of globalization. Especially in the capital of London, which is regarded as one of the world’s most international cities. Here, 37% of the residents were born outside of the United Kingdom, which is 10% up from the 2001 census, and every UN-recognised country is represented in the capital. Multiculturalism is likewise in focus in the short story “Departure Time” by Tessa Green, which was published in the award winning anthology of short stories Once Upon a Time There Was a Traveller in 2013. This essay will analyse and interpret Tessa Green’s short story “Departure Time” with a focus on how Green creates suspense throughout the short story and on the cultural differences. In the short story, an English woman named Samantha is running away from a failed marriage with her Greek husband, Nikos. The two met when Samantha was seventeen and Samantha moved to Greece soon after, where she married Nikos and where they eventually had a child together, a son named Alexander. Their marriage, however, did not last mainly due to Nikos getting fired from various jobs, which resulted in the three moving in with Nikos’ family consisting of his mother and his brother, Yiannis. Gradually, the situation made Samantha feel like a prisoner in Nikos’ family’s home and the relationship between Samantha and Nikos to became strained, which, in the end, led to Samantha
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