Dependent On Technology Essay

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People dependent on technology Nowadays, people live happily in their real life because they depend on technology to do their activities. Additionally, our lives become much better with technology so people seem to be feeling comfortable to communicate by using their mobile phones and e-mails to keep track of the news. Our routines have been changed because of the new inventions which are created to make life easier for us. Because of the new inventions of technology, people are fascinated of what the future will be and how their life became modern. Addition, it furnishes a comfortable touch of ease and all the things that people need to become available in front of eyes. There are a lot of advantages of why people become overly dependent on technology, it helps us to save our time, we use it as on daily basis, and technology use in term of education. The first reason that people are becoming overly dependent on technology because it helps us to save our time. For example: if you want travel to another country, most people use the airlines to book the tickets and then they pay it online as well as the page itself its secure and no one can chop all your transactions. Also, the become the most common web site for all the people now because it saves time and disappearing off the ticket…show more content…
All the claims were mostly right to say that technology is really useful to devolve our lives and our countries to become modern. Without the technology our life becomes disconnected from social media as well as we will be behind from the new growths. In my perspective, technology is the best modern inventions to deal with our daily life as it recent changes our culture in perfect

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