Ozone Layer Depletion

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Analysis of the damage to the ozone layer and increasing space debris posed by increased Space Ventures
Generally in our everyday lives we all hear about the role of cars, airplanes etc in causing environmental pollution as they emit harmful gases into our atmosphere but the same does not go for rocket ships and the reason is simple that there are a lot of cars as compared to rocket ships. Notwithstanding this, every space venture may it be the launching of a navigation satellite or sending astronauts to the international space station has a humble impact on the ecology of the planet it leaves. Unfortunately space ventures fail to grasp the consideration of the environmentalists due to the scanty rate of its launchings.
One issue that deserves consideration is the depletion of ozone layer. The engines of the space craft that are propelled from the low temperature liquid fuel emit hazardous gases that react with the ozone molecules and this reaction causes the ozone molecules to bifurcate. These engines also expel minute soot and aluminum oxide particles which in turn act as catalyst and end up speeding up the process of stratosphere degradation .
It is not the case that only liquid rocket fuel burn to discharge the ozone degrading affluent. In fact the solid rocket
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A research on this topic revealed that approximately 1 percent of the global ozone problems have been caused due to the spacecraft launches. These proportions will definitely rise in the future as the frequency of launching spacecrafts are expected to increase as new avenues in the space activities are evolving, notably the space tourism which is gaining popularity amongst the ultra rich classes. Another research inferred that if rocket launches are left unregulated then it could result in more ozone degradation than was ever caused by Chloro Flouro Carbons (CFCs) by the onset of 2050

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