Depreciation Of Nature In Brave New World

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Within the past two years, a new neighborhood dubbed Herrick Woods appeared right next to Hubble Middle School. Most would not think twice about this because society is so conditioned to expect changes and progress. Many do not realize that hundreds of trees from Herrick Forest Preserve were destroyed in the process of this development. On the outside, it looks like a new sleek neighborhood right by great academic institutions. On the inside, multiple habitats and trees were destroyed leaving animals without homes or food. There has been a loss of natural beauty, a negative impact on the environment as a whole and in the end, a loss of quality. Although the technology in Brave New World may seem completely unrealistic, society has become accustomed to constant advancement. A world like this may be closer to reality than most…show more content…
Throughout this novel, Huxley uses satire to examine the depreciation of nature by utilizing imagery, tone, and irony to depict a materialistic and artificial society void of romantic thought and thus
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