Depressio Depression In The Elderly: A Case Study

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Frail seniors are at an increased risk for negative health outcomes and death. They require more hospital services, community resources and are likely to have extended stays in long-term care. For these reasons, it is important that healthcare providers have an awareness and receive proper training about frailty issues so that preventative actions can be implemented at earliest opportunity. Due to an increasingly aging population, there is a need for studies to investigate treatment options for these geriatric conditions and diseases. Thus, to develop an effective geriatric intervention, it is essential to consider the disease model and target population. Out of all the mental health conditions, older adults are at a greater risk for developing depression.…show more content…
Because of aging population, it is expected that the number of seniors suffering from depression will increase. Treatment for depression is important within older adults because depression is associated with functional decline that can require increased care, family stress, a higher likelihood of comorbid physical illnesses, and premature death due to suicides. Currently, depression in the elderly can be treated either by pharmacotherapy (SSRIs and antidepressants) and psychotherapy. However, it is necessary first to identify and diagnose depression which can be challenging in this age group owing to communication difficulties caused by hearing or cognitive impairment and other physical symptoms. Because frail seniors are unable to self-report depressive symptoms due to the stigma associated with mental illness, cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective intervention which provides a new way of perceiving and thinking about judgements, improves quality of life by behavioural

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