Depression And Anxiety Summary

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Julia Lurie, a reporter for Mother Jones and a person who 's dealt with depression throughout college, claims that depression and anxiety is far too common amongst college students and as a society we are silent about it. There are many who believe that silence will only increase this issue, while others believe that mental health issues should be dealt within privacy. This is a controversy because anxiety and depression in colleges has increased significantly in this past decade and colleges aren 't doing enough about this issue.

Lurie begins by giving a scenario about a girl who spends her time at “Starbucks or Book Trader Café working on her papers,” (par.1). She 's explains that the girl seems perfect on the outside, who looks like she knows all the answers, but “she 's constantly
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Lurie then talks about Yale’s extreme and intense environment when it comes to academics, and a person’s growth socially and professionally. And even saying that “many articles have proposed that colleges today are particularly stressful given to the pressure to flawlessly balance schoolwork, extracurricular, jobs, and social activities” (par.12). Lurie argues that despite believing that stress in college is an issue, that the “culture of silence” is the biggest problem. She explains that colleges need to “prioritize the mental health of their students by making changes at a higher level” (par.17). She explains that colleges should allow older students to give their stories to incoming freshmen. She explains that administrations across the country should make receiving help for mental health more accessible rather than making “therapy as part of expensive health plans” (par.18). Lurie suggest that Yale should offer a mental health week, which would allow people to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health. Julia summarizes that telling her story was not easy, but she hopes that it will allow others to confront their mental health issues and speak about this silent
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