Depression And Asthm Annotated Bibliography

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This Article “Depression, Asthma, and Bronchodilator Response in a Nationwide Study of US Adults” objective is to find if there is a connection between depressive symptoms and BDR or asthma in US adults. The United States alone has 16 million adults that suffer once a year from one major depressive disorder. Also, asthma affects nearly 28 million adults in the US and is also a major public health issue around the world. Even though asthma and depression have been linked with each other, it is still not clear if anxiety symptoms explain this association. But, to get some more statistics they did The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to get the nutritional and health status of adults and children in the United States. They interviewed and did physical exams on study participants who had different experiences with asthma. There were no major differences in household income, sex, smoking status, health insurance coverage, race/ethnicity, and depression…show more content…
It was also mind-blowing to find out all the statistics that are based off it. It has opened my mind to the bigger picture, that you never really know someone’s stories. I try to keep an open mind and open heart all the time but this just goes to show no matter what I’m going through someone else’s could be completely worse than mine. Also, this assignment gave me a chance to let my mother know that because of all her mental and physical health issues she could let her doctor know what she learned. I say this because somewhere in the article it ‘Physicians caring for adults with asthma should be aware of coexisting depression and asthma, and appropriately treat concurrent depression’ it is important for doctors to treat everything wrong with their patients correctly. All together I feel as if I learned more than enough over the topic and it was very informative and
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