Depression And Depression

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Depression Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “every man has his secret sorrow which the world knows not; and often time we call a man cold when he is only sad.” In this era of globalisation, depression is a hot topic of discussion among the vast society. Depression does not only happen among teenagers but adults too. Depression is a mood disorder which can cause a person to have negative feelings and emotions. Many people become depressed because they have a lot of tasks to worry about. Teenagers in particular face mood swings, stress and so forth. In a student’s life, they have to face tons of problems such as unsuccessful relationship, examination, communication with others and soon. Therefore, environmental factor such as a stressful life causes depression. What is environmental factor? The environmental factor is a reaction of things around us that is caused by stressful life like worries, crowding and pressure from work and family. As a result, stressful life is caused by environmental factor. According to Gonzalez (n. d.) stated a person who started walk into work already laden with stress. The most common example which increases stress is fatigue and overwork. This kind of stress is accumulated over the time and it can take a dangerous toll on our body. Besides that, it can cause by being busy in jobs, school or home. For instance, someone who is facing stress caused by working that they don’t know how to arrange their time well and they
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