Depression And Stress In School Essay

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You have an assignment due the next day, all of the work is piling up. Trying to cram in everything in one day is stressful, feeling like you can’t be anything successful in life. Or maybe you’re just trying to avoid your bully. Now, your grades are just dropping. Could school be one of the many causes of depression and stress?
Today teens are dealing with tests almost every month and trying to keep their GPAs up while trying to live their life outside of school. Their developing minds are being overworked when studying and worrying about when to turn in their complete work. This can cause them to shut down and become hopeless, unmotivated. All of these feelings are a few symptoms of depression and stress. It’s nothing like regular sadness.
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teenagers report feeling more stressed-out than adults do, with school being a main cause...Fully 83 percent of teens said that school was a “a somewhat or significant source of stress.” Twenty-seven percent reported “extreme stress” during the school year.” Based on these percentages of stress stemming from school, its clear that school is definitely a great part of teen’s depression. The classwork and homework, plus tests/exams and having little to no breaks between are putting negative pressure on them. This can drop grades and GPAs making students worry…show more content…
It’s the third leading cause of death for teenagers, and the rate has tripled since 1960.” When teens are not doing so well in school and start to feel depressed/stressed, they’ll feel that life is worthless.”...the underlying cause of fatal despair for high school kids is high school itself…Add academic demands and homework and a grouchy teacher or two, and those kids live in an unusually stressful, demanding and crowded world unlike anything most adults deal

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