Depression As A Stress-Diathesis Model Summary

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The article The Individual Psychology Conception of Depression as a Stress-Diathesis Model by Steve Slavik and James Croake is about the effects of the diathesis-stress model and vulnerability can cause an illness and disorder like depression. This theory accepts when a person is going through a stressful event and the situation that person is in the act together with their personality can lead to a most mental disorder and illness to happen. A person can go through a stressful event, but cope with it in a bad manner can lead it into the depression. There are two models that support this claim. The first model is the Beck 's Cognitive Triad Model. The beck’s model that if a person only has an undesirable interpretation on everything he or…show more content…
Psychological tolerance is the amount a person can deal with certain conditions and adapted to those changes with either a high or low self-esteem. This is important because people who have a low tolerance are at a “readiness” for depression because they are trying to isolate themselves which is one of the symptoms of depression. Depression is not only a result of a person 's circumstance a person can also bring onto themselves. According to Steve Slavik and James Croak, “the Individual Psychology formulation of depression may be presented as a combination cognitive-interactive stress-diathesis model (Rabkin, 1982), in which some events or any quality or quantity of change will be a shock and seen as disastrous. Individuals are sensitive to such events with which they cannot cope that provoke movement toward withdrawal (422).” The over-all suggestions of the Individual Psychology model are different from the stress-diathesis model. There are alike in some ways Individual Psychology keeps that susceptibility are refundable. The reason that others wouldn’t see any progress with an individual who suffers from disorders like depression. Though differ by the thought that an infuriating stress may be essential for the expression of vulnerability, stress is closely elaborate with the person instead of the

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