Causes Of Depression In College Students

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Many of the students today, normally in the senior high school and freshmen college students, are suffering from depression. With different kinds of pressure that sets them every day can usually lead the person into a depressive state. According to Keith (2016), more than 18 million adults ranging 17 years old and above were found to have symptoms of a depressive disorder. Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects the students in their academic performances. It is a serious mental disorder that a person shouldn't have, it is the ability of being stressed out for some reason and is the ability of being un-focus on such thing for no enough reason. It is caused by different emotions, like being sad, too
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This may include child abuse, academic standards of a certain school, stress that is caused by a certain event in the student’s life, and biochemical changes. According to a research, the existence of imbalance and shortage of certain brain chemicals may cause a student or individual a mental illness or depression.

Different behavioral changes related to depressive symptoms in senior high school and freshmen college students have negative effects. These changes in their behavior include smoking, eating disorder, misuse of alcohol, and abuse of illegal drugs. It was said that, students who are likely to be depressed were doing these things as a way of coping up with stress and to reduce the emotional pain that they are experiencing. Lastly, the most noteworthy negative outcome caused by depressive symptoms is suicide. Studies have shown that, people who are experiencing difficulties in coping up with different stressors are most likely to have a greater risk of
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Some ways or preventive factors to decrease the development of depression to students. Exercise. Having a regular exercise can prevent depression. Physical activities can help the body be more active. Daily meditation can help a person clear his mind, be more focus and have an overall positive feeling. Keeping in touch with the family members and close friends can motivate a person and help him feel inspired to perform and enjoy life. Strong social support can help a depressed person achieve his goals and be successful in school and in his life. Family support is very important to lower the occurrence of depressive symptoms in senior high school and college freshmen students. Prevention to depression may include medical treatments, taking medicines prescribe by the doctor, having daily exercises, having enough vitamins to maintain good health, having enough sleep to prevent negative thoughts from coming, and being active in different activities that a student may
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