Depression Essay: The Causes Of Depression

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Causes of Depression Have you ever wondered what makes a person live in gloom and misery? Despite all of the positive daily life occurrences, we always see people who are depressed to death. When you feel sad casually due to unbearable difficulties that lower your self-esteem, you are living an occasional condition of grief. This is not depression, this is only a sensation that will pass sooner or later. Depression is a psychological condition that changes the way you thinks and feel dramatically, which negatively affects your social behavior and sense of physical wellness. It is considered to be one of the most complex diseases in our era. Some people claim that depression is only about a chemical imbalance in the human body that triggers…show more content…
It is often said that "if you want to drown your sorrow, get drunk". Maybe this works for some people after a bad break up or a job loss. Maybe it is normal to drink once in a while in order to lower the stress of work, or to celebrate a special occasion. But if you feel that you are urged to drink every time a problem crops up to your life, this is a sign of alcohol abuse. Dr.Fergusson, a professional psychiatric, said that as much alcohol as you drink, as much addiction your blood absorbs (2009). Alcohol addiction is one of the biggest problems nowadays. On one hand, depression may lead to alcohol abuse. For example, women are believed to be more than twice as men to drink alcohol in order to escape from a past history. Unsurprisingly, people who drink and have a severe episode of depression tend to think about suicide more than any other cases. On the other way, it is believed that alcohol abuse leads to depression. If you drink excessively, you are more likely to make bad decisions and act unreasonably following your impulse. This will definitely result in either ruining a relationship or losing your job, or maybe draining your bank account. After one of these dramatic events, you will be more susceptible to develop sorrowful emotions that will lead you to

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