Depression In Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Chapter 4, analysis paper How did depression play a role in the works of Edgar Allan Poe? First, the definition of depression must be made. Depression is an actual psychological illness that involves more than a feeling associated with sadness, grief, loss, and other “seemingly depressing” events or circumstances. Any person that suffers or has been diagnosed with depression would state that it is not of mere imagination or all within inside their heads. Depression involves actual sciences as several researches involving brain chemistry would state. Researches also states that other contributing factors exists regarding the initiation of depression. Some of these factors include ones genetic framework, particular medical conditions and diseases,…show more content…
However this talent came at a very high price. His happiness among others, was the greatest price Poe had to pay. As Poe’s life fell drastically apart bit by bit, he took the pieces of his brokenness inside and out and planted it all with his paper and pen. And from then on, Poe found new life, as the pain and sorrow he planted grew into trees. Trees that sprouted from not only the place where he crumbled from, but those that grew all over the world and became the guide that made people fell that they weren’t alone. That there is someone who had is much worse than they had. Poe could be referred to as the drunk that sobered up the world. The researcher selected love, death, and depression as interconnected themes in analyzing the 10 selections of Edgar Allan Poe. In each of the selection, love and death are always connected to Poe’s depression. The researchers chose to analyze depression because as the works of Edgar Allan Poe or even just his name is word, it always creates a stigma of him being sad, king of emotional, dramatic, and other degrading, but nonetheless true labels. The researchers wished to dig deeper, beyond these labels and to find meaning and truth behind his works. As the researchers sought the true meaning of Poe’s works, they’ve found out that his life was as terrible as his writing was good. In conclusion Poe’s depression became his synonymous inspiration for the 10 selected poems and his works in
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