The Cause Of Depression In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The term depression is the feeling of despondency and dejection. Depression is often caused by, “stressful events such as marital problems or the death of a loved one”(re:MIND). These events can happen at any age making the risk of depression common. Doctors still don’t know the exact cause of depression, but it can be genetically passed down making a child, teen, or adult more exposed to depression. Doctors usually have an easy time diagnosing depression by asking simple questions or during a yearly physical. Doctors may also do lab tests to check for certain medical conditions that may cause depression. There are all sorts of signs and symptoms of depression and most left untreated can go as far as committing suicide. These include uncontrollable…show more content…
One emotion in particular seems to pop up more often compared to some others throughout the play and that emotion being his deep depression. The signs of depression are highly noticeable throughout the play, making Hamlet seem highly potent to this mental disorder. Hamlet’s first sign of depression is when his father tragically passed away due to unknown causes at the time. He wore all black even at his mother’s marriage, to his uncle, still mourning his father’s death. His uncle went as far as degrading him, “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?”(I.ii.9). His uncle degrades him basically telling Hamlet to man up and get over it. Obviously, Hamlet didn’t take this well and just puts an even heavier weight on his shoulders making him sink into his depression faster. His mother remarried his uncle in only a month’s time. Not many take a parent remarrying well especially to their own uncle. At the time this play takes place the disorder known as depression was not known as a disorder or known really at all. There weren’t facilities like today to help diagnose depression and treated. In fact, facilities weren’t really aware of depression until the 21st century. This age was in no way shape or form kind to Hamlet for his

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