Beck's Theory Of Depression Research Paper

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Depression among women in Malaysia is reaching the crucial point of life. According to the Medical Journal of Malaysia (2004), between the years 2000-2013, two hundred and forty seven articles related to depression were found in a search through a database dedicated to indexing all original data relevant to medicine published in Malaysia. The prevalence of depression in Malaysia was estimated to be around 8-12% (Ng C.G, 2014). Women with low socio- economic background, and those with comorbid medical condition shows higher prevalence of depression. Not only that, race, religion, educational level, miscarriage, difficulty in getting pregnant, sex of the baby, polygamous especially in financial also the leading caused on depression.
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Depressed people have unrealistically negative ways of thinking about themselves, their experiences and their future. They often think that they are not good enough to achieve that one goal that they had set for themselves. They, even more depress if they have not set a goal. Helplessness might occur as there is a lack of motivation in their life. This may cause negative thoughts built in themselves, as Beck called this cognition “automatic thoughts”. Beck 's Cognitive Theory of Depression, says, that the main factor of depression is negative thoughts (Nemade, Reiss, & Dombeck, n.d.b). For example, in demographic variable aspect, among women, they tend to get pressured by their partner or in-laws to give birth, to continue the family generations. In a long run, over pressurize may cause these women to think that they are useless, or they are not good enough for their partner. This may decrease the woman 's self-esteem, self-concept, self as impulse as all this is an inner thoughts or feelings about self. Hence, in a long process, depression may…show more content…
As a psychologist, psychologist may advise our patient to think positive in everything happen around them. Explain to them that everything happens for a reason, we just need to see the bright side of a problem rather than looking at the negative side of the problem. This can decrease the negative thoughts in their head. Spending more time going outdoors like volunteering work also helps depression, women, especially the one that thinks a lot. By going out and make yourselves busy, not only you are doing some good deeds, you are also helping yourself by distracting your negative thoughts on

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