Depression In Saving Francesca By Melina Marchetta

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In the novel Saving Francesca, the author Melina Marchetta thoroughly portrays the toll that depression can take on a family as a whole as well on an individual; whilst accurately depicting the complexities of what it means to be a teenager dealing with those around you with mental illness. Saving Francesca exposes the reader with themes such as identity, transition, change, friendships, family and perception; and confronts the reader with the reality of depression, showing how unexpected the illness can be and not as much trying to fix it; but live amidst it. A common struggle that teenagers experience is loss of identity – often changing themselves for the approval of others to feel accepted. The author, Melina Marchetti accurately explains the messy emotions that teenagers experience, especially through the main character Francesca, who throughout the novel her life goes through an upheaval, forced to begin at a new school, separated from old friends and dealing with what was her loud and exuberant mother descend into an agonising depression. As Francesca begins at her new school, she joins the small population of girls in a mainly male dominated ‘ co- ed’ school and through the support of new friends; she eventually learns to let go of her preconceptions of what makes a person “cool' and actually begins to enjoy herself by surrounding herself with true friends who support her. At her previous school, Francesca changes her persona to be approved by her friends, teachers and family under the influence of peer pressure. ‘ I was either …show more content…

In Saving Francesca, Francesca explores the true purpose of friendships, especially in comparison to her ex Stella friends and also help deal with her own battle with both her own and her mother's depression, helping her cope through her her time of

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