Depression In The Novel It's Kind Of A Funny Story

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The novel It’s Kind of a Funny Story centers on a fifteen year old named Craig Gilner. Throughout the novel we learn that Craig had instituted himself into an adult mental ward. Craig now has to deal with the pressure of surviving in a mental ward while simultaneously trying to keep his friends and social life in order. Ned Vizzini does a spectacular job at highlighting the effects of depression in regards to teenagers, the power of peer pressure in today's society. Craig Gilner struggles with anxiety and depression. He is a fiteen year old genius who had a plan set out for life and opportunities banging on his door. However, all this changes when his depression kicks in. Craig struggles with eating, creating friends, and completing daily activities. As a young adult who is building the infrastructure for life, depression seems to be tearing him down. Craig is challenged with mustering the energy to complete simple tasks such as studying or even going out with friends. In chapter 2 Craig struggles at the dinner table to…show more content…
The book takes real life problems and uses them to teach and help the protagonist Craig Gilner grow into a happy and free young man. Ned Vizzini informs the unfortunate effects of anxiety and depression, however he uses a fun twist on peer pressure and portrays it as a positive concept. In today’s society depression is a silent serial killer amongst many teens, “Approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have some symptoms of depression at any one time. Depression increases a teen's risk for attempting suicide by 12 times.” The issue remains in any teens today and is continuing to grow. Ned Vizzini informs his readers of the dangers of depression and anxiety and how to seek help, Ned also plays with peer pressure and demonstrates how kids today influence others in a positive and healthy
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