Depression Satire

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A Fight That’s Actually Worth It Have you ever found yourself sad for absolutely no reason, or just suck in a rut that you couldn’t get out of? Well, combine those feelings, emotions, and thoughts and multiply that by 10. And just that alone barely describes what it actually feels like to have Depression. It’s a feeling that is inescapable, indescribable, and unbelievably unbearable. The best description of Depression would have to be a childish shadow, an ignorant pest that walks with you and waits for the perfect moment to strike. That moment is always the most unexpected moment, the moment when you’re most happy and at your peak. Depression comes and goes as it pleases; it has no schedule. For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying…show more content…
An unexpected turn for the worst, the destroyer of lives, a mega disaster. But most call it Depression. And as with anyone else, it came out of nowhere and hit hard. And to this day it’s a thing that’s been bothering me every waking moment of my life. Depression. It’s a terrible feeling. It’s not something you can just automatically know how to deal with. I’ve been battling Depression for maybe five or six years now. And in those years I’ve grown weaker and weaker from it. It shuts me down at any time, gives me frequent panic and anxiety attacks, and doesn’t go away easy. Depression is basically a monster, a pest, someone that toys with you until you can’t stand it anymore. It’s one of my many demons; one of which I can’t shake. The shadow that walks with me and tries to end my life. My number one…show more content…
It’s caused my relationship with my parents to plummet. It’s sent me into a deeper social anxiety rut than i was in to begin with. It’s cut off most of my social ties with many people. I can’t escape my own thoughts long enough to hold a conversation with anyone. Constantly having to deal with the inner demon whenever he comes out to play. I can’t even focus on making myself happy anymore because i have to tend to his every need 24/7. Everyday i have to plaster on a smile that hides all the horrible emotions i don’t want anyone to see. I don’t like attention, and i hate making people worry. So i pretend to be happy so that they won’t have to ask. It’s a difficult task, but it gets me through the
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