Depression: The Causes And Effects Of Parental Depression

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Depression may cause mood fluctuations and thus raise unpredictability in parenting styles. Rejections by the parent get internalised by the child who then perceives itself as undeserving of love. This could affect the child 's self-esteem and as they start interacting with others they may have impaired social skills that would further aggravate their anxiety. Schore (2007) suggests that rejection at a young age could also be linked to later developing antisocial traits like borderline personality disorders.
The parent may express their anger in non-verbal ways like the silent treatment (Field, 1989) which may be too vague for the child to comprehend and they may feel confused on how to behave and they also may not learn ways express their own anger and thus internalize their emotions.
While resolving conflicts the depressed parent may withdraw rather than resolve that could lead to an accumulation of negative emotions between the parents and child (Jenkins and Smith, 1991). Studies show that the depressed father is more likely to be hostile while the depressed mother may withdraw (Biglan, 1991). A report (Davenport, Waxler, Adland and Mayfield, 1984) suggests that the depressed parent fails to provide explanations and often denies that a conflict even occurred which confuses the child and could lead to anxious behaviours like the inability to think rationally or even feeling like their mind has gone black.
Parental depression also causes interpersonal conflicts within

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