Great Depression Causes

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The Great Depression was catastrophic. It was a critical time period in our history when our economy crashed. People lost their jobs, and families became homeless. Back then, two million people were homeless(Timeline). Today, 564,708 people are homeless(Social Solutions). The Great Depression has helped shape the United States to become the way we are today. There are numerous reasons this economic catastrophe happened. The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939(History.com) President Hoover is widely blamed for this. However, he may not be entirely at fault. Four of the many reasons the Great Depression started are an unequal economy, credit disasters, worldwide depression, and high unemployment. The unequal economy was showing signs of …show more content…

This drought caused many problems. Farmers’ crops wouldn’t grow because there was no water. Crops were dying and so were livestock. The dust bowl happened towards the beginning of the Great Depression. The year was 1930, and the winds picked up to become strong gusts. The dust blew around, and dust storms formed. The dust storms effects lasted over a decade(History.com).The way dust storms end is when you finally get rain again. The dust bowl covered houses, cars, tractors, and other buildings with sand. The dust bowl was a widespread massacre. It spread from Texas to Nebraska(History.com). Many people were killed because they were suffocated by the dust. The dust bowl was a big issue for the country. About 9 years after the dust bowl started the Great Depression …show more content…

Roosevelt was the president. He helped end the Great Depression. When he was elected president, he helped open new jobs for people who lost their job when the depression started(The American Journey). Frances Perkins was the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet. She was picked by FDR to be in his cabinet so she could speak on behalf of the U.S.A women. FDR convinced Congress to pass the Emergency Banking Relief Act. This act helped banks get back in business. Roosevelt had 15 plans to help boost up the economy again. Congress accepted all of them. The economy and the nation were starting to be rebuilt. Many work relief programs were made to help people find jobs(The American Journey). A lot of things got better after President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to office. The Great Depression was a very critical time period. A lot of things have changed since then. Our U.S. was shaped by this time period. Most of the people who lost their jobs got jobs in other places at the end of the Depression. There is less homeless people now then there was. Some things are still the same. For example, there are still charities that help the homeless. Today, there are also charities that can help you find a job if you are in need. The Great Depression impacted thousands of people and their

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