Depression, The Mood Disease

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An estimated 350 million people suffer from one disorder. This disorder is depression. Depression is a mood disorder that causes one to constantly feel sadness and lose interest. Many people have depression, but only approximately one third of the people with the disorder seek professional help. This could be because some individuals don’t believe that depression is a real depression. Depression, along with many with other mental disorders, is often looked at as a fake illness. However, depression isn’t an illness people should regard as not real. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Since the brain controls everything one does, every aspect of someone with depression’s life is altered due to depression. Depression changes…show more content…
Through a woman named Margaret, the book Depression, The Mood Disease highlights how depression can cause one to frequently feel guilt, “These qualities were her feelings of guilt… Margaret was preoccupied with some thoughts and issues that did not bother her before she got depressed, specifically her adequacy as a mother” (Mondimore 23). Due to her depression, Margaret often felt that she was a horrible mother. This caused to her have frequent mood swings and serious feelings of guilt. Depression also has an impact on some people’s lives by causing them to constantly feel irritable, “The emotional symptoms of depression include constant irritability” (Psychguides 1). Mentally, it is ideal for everyone to be in a constant state of bliss. However, this is extremely realistic; everyone will have times where they are irritable and sad. People with depression are using in a mental state in which they are irritable and/or sad; they could potentially go days without feeling any bliss. Also, depression could cause the production of one’s neurons to slow, “Repeated stress slows the production of new neurons in the dentate gyrus and may also cause neurons in the hippocampus to shrink” (McEwen 1). Stress could be a byproduct of depression, and it does many things to your…show more content…
In today’s society, depression is widely more accepted. However, some would still argue that depression is not a real disorder. One main cause of this is social media. It has become popular for individuals to log onto accounts and pretend to have depression to fit in, “Online communities like those on Tumblr are perpetuating ideas of "beautiful suffering," confusing what it means to be clinically depressed” (Bine 1). Some people on sites such as Tumblr have made a disorder that greatly affects the lives of so many people and have made it into something that is trendy. This is extremely wrong, because it has made people believe that anyone who says they are depressed are lying. However, one a small portion of those who announce they are depressed are actually lying. It doesn’t mean that depression isn’t a real disorder just because some individuals have falsely claimed to have it. Overall, depression is a real disorder, and it affects people in many
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