Swanson's Theory In Nursing

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Depression commonly affects a vast amount of patients in the primary care setting (L. Foldager, 2011). The increased cases of depression over the years are worrying (Mitchell et al., 2013). There is thus a need to enhance diagnosis and treatment. The purpose of the paper is to review an evidence-based clinical practice guideline (CPG) used to effectively diagnose and treat individual suspected of having depression by health practitioners in the primary care setting. Clinical issue Depression occurs due to many reasons including recent loss, chronic medical illness, domestic violence or loss of a loved one. Depression is significant to nursing practice because it affects many patients and could cause coronary heart disease. Depression is…show more content…
46). Subsequently, the meta-paradigm of nursing consists four major concepts which define nursing practice in general. These concepts are the person, health, environment and nursing. A person is defined as “unique beings who are in the midst of becoming and whose wholeness is made manifest in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors” (Swanson, 1993, p. 352). There are also five caring processes outlined in Swanson’s theory: Knowing, Being with, Enabling, Doing for, and Maintaining belief (Smith, Turkel, & Wolf,…show more content…
Co-morbidities may include diabetes disease, cancer, HIV infection and even pregnancies. For a successful care of the patient, the clinician should consider the cultural beliefs of the patient by seeking to incorporate the beliefs into the treatment plan as they influence the attitude and preference of the patient (Blanco, 2012). A comprehensive mutually agreed upon treatment plan entailing patient and family engagement is recommended. Always educate and engage the patient. Adequate patient response to therapy takes a while but it should be geared towards achieving remission, reducing relapse and recurrence and returning to the previous level of occupation and psychosocial function. Remission indicates the presence of minimal depressive symptoms or even their absence (Thota A,

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