Depression Vs Depression

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It is not a choice to have depression. We are not control of our own happiness because our moods can change by our surroundings and the thoughts in our heads. Some people are more easily affected by the actions of others and by their surroundings, but it does not mean that we are in total control of our own happiness and emotions.

One of the most important sings of knowing that people are not in control of their own happiness is depression. Depression it is not a choice but a mental illness. People who have depression can feel sad without any reason. It’s an illness where people can feel sad for many days, and even when they are surrounded by people who they love or do activities they enjoy their mood does not change. This happens because
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We all like to feel happy, its an emotion humans like and it would be amazing that we could feel happy all the time, but unfortunately that is not the case. We have other emotions that we have to experience during our lifetime. It is true that people do not like to feel sadness, but it is important that sometimes we are not cheerful about every situation in life. Even when we do not like something it is an important part of our lives, this is the case whit sadness. When w feel sad we tent to cry, which can help us feel happy, it give us relief. Not only that, but when someone cries people tend to try to help them, they feel like they need to help. This is some cases can help the person who is not feeling ok at the moment. From my own experience I can say that when people try to help me when I’m sad I feel better because I know someone cares about how I feel, and it eventually helps me to be happy…show more content…
The surroundings of a person are one of the main things that can affect their mood. This is because our surroundings affect our mind and it makes us think about memories of the past, or think about how unfortunate someone is or we are compared to other person. People can feel different whit any different situation, it makes people think about many things that can change our mood in a minute. Normally positive people and surroundings can make a person much happier and negative people and surroundings do the opposite. Even thought that is normally the case people sometimes can feel sad
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