Deprivation Of Love In Relationships

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In romantic relationships, it is important that you not only express to someone that you love them but also show them your love. The best way to show your love for someone is through affection. Researchers Hesse and Mikkelson (2017), conducted a study on deprivation of affection in relationships. The results showed that, “close relationships need certain levels of affection in order to thrive” (Hesse & Mikkelson, 2017, p.33). For some partners, affection is shown in the simplest ways, but it means the world to their partner. Take for example a married couple who do not see each other much but at night and on the weekends because of work schedules. At night time, the couple relax while one partner listens to the other problems and the other…show more content…
Whether that is in a relationship or in their career, you truly want the best for your child. When it comes to picking the right girl for your son or the perfect guy for your daughter that could be a struggle. You must first respect your child’s privacy and let them see what’s out there for themselves. When parents become too overprotecting or cross their children boundaries it damages trust (Galvin, Braithwaite, & Bylund, 2014). Once I have let my child explore for themselves I will then let them know if the person is fit for them. I would suggest my child look for someone who accepts all of their flaws and everything that is not perfect about them. Additionally, I would suggest that my child look for someone who has come from a good background with strong family values. Lastly, I would suggest looking at your life and the position you are in right now. Are you financially stable? Are you confident within yourself? Are you sure you are ready for a relationship? According to a research conducted by Manning, Longmore, Copp, and Giordano, “It is possible that certain individuals are prone to relationship strain” (Manning, Longmore, Copp, & Giordano, 2014, p.64). I would present a lot of information to my child to make a sure a relationship is right for them at that moment in their life. Overall, parents are just concerned and I would truly want someone for my child who also wants the best for my

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