Depth Perception: A Hero's Journey

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Depth Perception Master Pang and his entourage of monks finally arrived at the village hidden halfway up the mountain. All month they were testing boys in each settlement to take on as pupils at their monastery. There, the boys would learn to read and write, mathematics, and geography. The monks also taught meditation, and would train them in the art of self defense. It was an opportunity few received, and only one boy from each village would. Anticipation and excitement grew for days as the villagers prepared their children for the Master 's challenge, tempers and tension sprouted too. Mother 's insistent barks of "Keep your back straight!" and "Eyes cast down!" rang throughout the village. It became a great competition amongst the…show more content…
Please step back." The Master turned his attention to Xu. "The same questions please." Xu took a moment to consider, and in a strong voice he began, "While the Jade heart is a more than worthy sacrifice, Master, I would humbly offer the quartz. It 's imperfections and scars came from adversities in life, and its clouded areas are daydreams. The bright spots, laughter and joy. I believe the Gods would like to hear the stories contained within, and discover the wisdom it gained with its wearer." The Jade is perfection, yes, admired, yes, but not loved. It has not been filled with memories, and is prized only for its value in gold. The quartz was given in love, worn with love, and is the greater sacrifice for it. The Gods would see it for the treasure it is." Xu waited for the Master 's signal to step back, it never came. Instead, Master Pang came forward and lifted Xu 's chin, "What is your name boy?" He asked quietly. "Xu, Master." Master Pang held out his arm, and Brother Jin placed a green scarf over it. The Master said a prayer, brought the scarf to his lips and forehead, and draped it around Xu 's neck. "Thank you Xu, for your interpretation. You have a scholar 's mind, and a poet 's heart. Please accept the Monastery 's invitation to report for study come the next new moon." Master Pang bowed to Xu, and
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