Derek Fisher Research Paper

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When you were a kid did you ever sit on your rear end and daydreamed about being in the NBA, and earning millions of dollars each year? Well when Derek Fisher was a kid, he too dreamed about being in the NBA, but through hard work and strenuous hours of practise Derek made his dream a reality. Derek was born August 9, 1974, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Derek Fisher 's mother was Annette Fisher, and his father, was John Fisher. Derek has two siblings, one brother Duane Washington, and one sister DeAndra Fisher. Derek first got involved with basketball, watching his brother Duane play high school basketball. Duane made it all the way to the NBA, playing very briefly for the New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers before a cocaine addiction ruined…show more content…
The Los Angeles Lakers picked Derek Fisher as their twenty-fourth choice in the 1996 NBA Draft. Derek won three straight championships with the Lakers until He left to play with the Golden State Warriors After the 2002 season was over. While with the Golden State Warriors he had his best statistical games of his career, but Derek 's efforts weren 't enough, because the Warriors failed to make the playoffs in either of the years Derek was there. Derek then left the Warriors to start playing for the Utah Jazz in 2006. on February 19, 2005, Derek married Candace Patton, and in 2006 Candace gave birth to fraternal twins, Drew and Tatum. Derek immediate family includes Candace 's son, Marshall, and Derek 's daughter, Chloe, both from previous relationships. in 2007 their daughter Tatum, just 10 months old, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. On May 9, 2007, Tatum had eye surgery in New York on May 9, 2007. In the 2007 season Derek asked the Jazz to let him out of his contract so that his daughter could receive the medical care that she needed for her rare condition, that wasn 't available in their previous location. The Jazz agreed to Fisher 's wishes and let him out of his contract. Derek then returned to his first pro team, the Los Angeles Lakers (“Derek
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