Success Definition Essay

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What does success mean to you? Success can mean many things to many people. Some people may define success as simply an achieved goal while others define success in how much power or wealth they achieved. I think success can be defined by not only how much power or wealth you achieve but through hard work and perseverance to achieve or accomplish the goals you set for yourself as well as how you overcome obstacles faced while you try to achieve your goals in your personal and professional life. An example of a person who achieved success is Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter’s personality and leadership skills are some of the many things that helped him get to the success he has achieved. He played basketball and baseball at his high school, Kalamazoo…show more content…
Derek Jeter achieved success because he was courageous in his journey to success by never giving up and staying positive. Jeter was naturally athletic but he worked hard at playing the sport. His passion for the sport encouraged him to continue pursuing his goals, be a better athlete and keep him interested in the sport. Jeter was also very focused and he used that focus to maintain his ability to stay on the path of continuous success. Having success that when lasts throughout time happens when you complete your lifelong dream and you live a happy life knowing that its complete. Success is essential in life because it is positive. Having a plan to achieve success will keep you focused and encourage you to work hard, never give up even when faced with obstacles and stay healthy. Successful behaviors can be learned from by others in many ways such as through how they live their life or how they treat other people. Jeter is successful because he remained humble even with all that he achieved and he encourages others to be
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