Derek Jeter's Promise To Baseball

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There once was a young boy named Derek Jeter. Jeter loved Baseball and Baseball loved him. Jeter would run around on the field yelling, screaming, laughing, and playing. Baseball thought that Jeter was one of a kind and wanted him to play forever. Jeter made a promise to Baseball as a young kid that he would play till the day he died. But, as Jeter got older he wasn’t as fun anymore. He became more serious and wanted to win Jeter wanted to be the best. He would spend days practicing to become the best. He would spend days practicing to become the best. Baseball thought that he could become the best as long as he didn’t give up. Jeter became a leader and a good friend to everyone. He was friends with anyone even if the kid was mean. Jeter became the best short-stop ever. Baseball thought Jeter was awesome and wanted to help him. Baseball gave Jeter more friends, teachers, and fans. Jeter loved what Baseball gave him. Jeter became an awesome hitter and…show more content…
Baseball loved Jeter, especially how he played. Even if the Yankees lost, Jeter would win at something. Baseball wanted Jeter to play forever no matter what happened. Baseball gave him money, fans, and more friends to try and get him to stay. Eventually Jeter was getting old and got hurt. Jeter wanted to keep playing, but he knew he only had one year left in him to play. He wanted to make the most of his last year. Baseball didn 't like this however. Baseball knew that when people were older they had to retire. But, Baseball wanted Jeter to play forever. To Try and get him to stay Baseball gave Jeter presents. Baseball was trying to give him a reason to stay. Finally after 20 years “The Captain” retired. Even when Jeter stopped playing baseball he didn’t stop loving baseball. He still went to every game he could and would take any reason to do something for Baseball. Because, Jeter loves Baseball and Baseball will forever love
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