Derek Redmond's Determination?

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What is determination one might ask? Well, determination is the power to overcome any difficulties, no matter how hard it is by putting one 's will and mind into it. All of these next stories are all prime examples of determination.

Derek Redmond was favoured to win the 400m dash for the UK, but halfway through the race, his hamstring snapped which caused him terrible pain. Automatically, Derek tried to hop on one foot, but he was racked with misery with every step. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man broke past security and rushed to Derek 's side; it was his father. Together, father and son walked step by step to the finish line where his father left him to complete the race himself. They had a standing ovation of over 60,000 people who had just witnessed one of the most emotional Olympic events.

Jason McElwain or J Mac was born with autism, but his dream was to play basketball. He was the manager of his school 's basketball team, and after their practice, he trained in the gym every time until he thought he was ready to play. One game, his team, was in a huge lead, so the coach decided to put J mac on the court for the last four minutes. At
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Inky got raised in a two-room house with fourteen people in total poverty; Mr. Johnson knew that he had to avoid this fate. How? The dream was to get into the NFL. Every night, he and his cousin trained hard until a coach signed them up for competitive football. Inky kept playing until college, where he was projected to top 30 draft pick if he played the following games. He called his mother and told her that they were never going to miss another meal again and that they would always have presented at Christmas. In one of the games, this young got hit with so much force that he had internal bleeding. He was rushed to the hospital and got immediate surgery. He lived, but the NFL dream was done due to lasting nerve damage in his right arm. What an incredible story in this video he tells us that has inspired many and more to

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