Derek Thompson A World Without Work

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In the late 19th and early 20th century, family was the foundation and core of society in America (Hussung). During this period of time, the wife was in charge of raising the children and cleaning the house, while the husband worked and provided protection for the family. A strong family unit was something highly regarded and looked upon in society. However, time has continued and American values changed. What America once viewed as important has now fallen into the background and new values have come to the forefront. America no longer follows the rule of family first, but instead we follow the rule of work coming first. The value of the once meaningful family unit is deteriorating and work is taking its place. However, despite American …show more content…

Thompson illustrated what kind of world we would live in if work were to diminish. This world included excessive amounts of dominating robots, contentious politics, and leisure time. For the past couple of years people have said that robots will take over and dominate humans. This has always been a myth, or rather a topic that is brushed off of the shoulders. However, this fantasy is quickly becoming a reality due to current trends in technology. With the newly gained freedom of time to most in society and the new distribution of wealth, politics would be in complete and utter chaos. Making the decision as to how to distribute wealth among Americans, who are no longer earning money through the source of work, would be a tedious debate, in which no one would really win. This being said, the infinite amount of leisure time would bring need for more activities. Because of this, governments would be responsible for building community center and public spaces. One of the hardest things for someone to get used to and experience day to day is loneliness, so the increased amount of leisure time will also bring about leisurely activities and social groups. All in all, America with no work would result in extended time and bonds with family, however then you are subtracting work in its entirety, which still leaves you with a work-life …show more content…

A gap is growing between family and work. This problem can be focused down to three main things: the strive for perfection, health, and technological

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