Derek Walcott: Breaking The Poet's Way Of Life

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Poetry is a poet’s way of speaking to the world. Poets talk about their beliefs in life and express their feelings on various topics. They write about far off fantasies or modern day war and peace. Some poets express themselves to children. They write to entertain kids, hope to become famous, and be remembered forever. Commonly, poets write about their feelings for others and their way of life. Derek Walcott is a memorable poet that became famous for his beautiful work and breaking the color border in poetry. Walcott was born on January 23, 1930, in the isolated town of Castries, Saint Lucia in the West Indies. His grandparents were both slaves who were brought to the isolated island from their masters. Although he descended from slaves, the island had little to no segregation. This freedom helped promote his education, and lead to a future of poetry. His father, a watercolorist and poet, helped raise Walcott during his youth but died at the age of thirty-one from disease. Walcott’s mother, a teacher at the local Methodist school, raised three kids, including Walcott, single handedly after her husband 's death. Being Methodist, Walcott was considered an outsider and was isolated from his small town. He only traveled to his schoolhouse and home for his youth, leading to his passion for books and art.
By the age of fourteen, Walcott had written his first poem, which was published in his town’s weekly paper. It consisted of forty-four lines of blank verse and talked about his
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