Derher's Argument Against Homosexuality

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Being gay has been condemned for many years by the Christian religion. It can be seen all over the media outlets that the majority of the Christian followers do not appreciate gay people or their marital rights. This has, consequently, constructed a tense aura between the two communities. This is not saying that all Christians think the same way when it comes to homosexuality, for everyone is entitled to their own opinion and adults have the ability to create their own opinion on topics. However, discriminating against a certain people is bound to create negative effects for both of the groups of people. The hate that is coming from the Christian believers is producing a split between Americans that support gay relationships and those that rebuke same sex relationships.…show more content…
Furthermore, Derher confesses that with the hatred of the Christian opinion on homosexuality it will not end favorably and that “[w]ars of religion never do.” Derher is mistaken because he overlooks the fact that it is not a battle over religion, but a battle of equality. He neglects to see that people are not angry over the religion, they are angry about how the religious followers are treating other human being. The brutal treatment leads to a toxic environment for the gays everywhere. It cannot possibly be easy nor pleasant to live in such conditions where hateful words are constantly being spewed at oneself. Therefore, this is not a matter of a religious duel; as a result, it is an issue with people being treated equally among their fellow beings. What makes the gays deserve to live in such a pernicious atmosphere? Nothing, because gay people are the same as straight people except for the fact that they like the gender in which they identify as. They do not deserve to struggle through a harmful atmosphere anymore than any other person in the world. Yet, some Christian worshippers continue to create that atmosphere by producing and exhibiting so much hate toward the gay
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