Dermal Therapist Personal Statement Examples

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As a dermal therapist I will aspire to provide each and every client with the highest level of customer service and care. I will conduct myself in a friendly and professional manner and ensure I maintain all standards of safety and integrity. I hope to provide clear, in-depth and accurate advice to all clients to ensure the best possible outcome whatever the treatment may be. I will also aspire to meet all clients’ wants and needs and to guarantee them they are in the best possible hands. I hope to develop a personal, yet professional relationship with each client to ensure the ultimate customer experience. This relationship will enlighten me to the clients’ wants and needs and also make it easier for them to ask what they want in a comfortable environment. Through these relationships and desirable environment, I will be able to develop trust and show clients that I am loyal to all. …show more content…

Over the last six months I have been having IPL rejuvenation treatments to reduce the redness to my face which I was left with as a result of several breakouts. Entering the clinic for the first time, I was extremely self-conscious and did not like the way I looked without makeup. After finishing my treatment, I am now a more confident and happy person. I was also able to develop a relationship with my dermal therapist, making it easier to overcome the insecurities I was experiencing. My journey has also taught me to love who you are, something I wish to pass on to clients. If I am able to provide the feeling of confidence and happiness to clients, I believe I have achieved the ultimate satisfaction and fulfilled my role as a dermal therapist. I will aim to use my personal experience, together with my gained knowledge and expertise to achieve optimal results for all clients, something I will aspire towards each and every

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