Dermatomyositis Case Studies

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The National Organization for Rare Disorders states that, “approximately three in 1,000,000 children are affected by juvenile dermatomyositis”. Within this approximation, women are affect twice as much. Dermatomyositis is an uncommon inflammatory disease affected by muscle weakness and a distinctive skin rash. The disease shares many characteristics of an autoimmune disorder, which is when a body’s immune system attack its own body tissues by mistake. Small blood vessels are particularly affect in muscular tissue and inflammation of cells surround blood vessels which can lead to degeneration of muscle fibers. This muscle disorder affects both children and adults in the same manner, children usually get symptoms from age five to fifth teen years old and in adults, from the age from late forties to early…show more content…
Mayo Clinic suggest doctors may need to take a skin or muscle biopsy to reveal inflammation in muscles, "A small piece of skin or muscle is removed for laboratory analysis. A skin sample can confirm the diagnosis of dermatomyositis and rule out other disorders, such as lupus. A muscle biopsy may reveal inflammation in your muscles or other problems, like damage or infection. If the skin biopsy confirms the diagnosis, a muscle biopsy may not be necessary". A simple skin or muscle biopsy can determine if a patient has dermatomyositis or not.
While there is no cure for dermatomyositis, symptoms may easily be treated. Treatment includes physical therapy, exercise, heat therapy, orthotics, assistive devices and most of all, rest. Physical therapy and exercise is a good way for individuals to improve muscle strength. More standard treatments include corticosteroids, an immunosuppressant and most individuals may need a topical ointment for their skin. Many choose to wear a high protection sunscreen and protective

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