Derouon Argumentative Essay

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On 07/10/2016 at approximately 2035 hours I, Officer Kyle Strand and Officer Hirotaka of the Arlington Police Department were dispatched to an assault call. Dispatch advised us the reporting parties (RP) girlfriend was physical with the RP after dropping her off. Dispatched also advised us the RP will be at Chevron next to the Washington State Patrol building in Marysville waiting for a phone call.
I phoned the RP who was identified as Pulido, Mario (07/06/1989). Pulido explained his girlfriend assaulted him when he was dropping her off at her parents’ home. Pulido identified her as Derouen, Kaylee R. (07/10/1991). I asked Pulido what his relationship to Derouen was. Pulido said him and Derouen have been dating for over three years and have two children together. I advised Pulido about the domestic violence laws.
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Pulido said the argument started at his parents’ home in Sultan. Pulido said he drove Derouen and their two children to her parents’ home at 18044 31st AVE NE, Arlington, WA 98223. Once at the above address Pulido said that Derouen’s parents’ were not home when they arrived and Derouen wanted him to drive her to her grandparents’ home. Pulido said no, Derouen then took his car keys and phone away from him. Pulido explained he grabbed the keys and phone out of Derouen’s pocket. Pulido said while they were sitting in the car that Derouen pulled him out of the car and started scratching his face, then pushing him, and punched him in the back of the head. Pulido said that Derouen uncle came out of their house on the same property and stop the physical altercation. At that time Pulido said the location to call
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