Desages And Disadvantages And Advantages Of A Desktop Computers

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Introduction to Desktop
A desktop computer is a computer that designed to fit with a office desk and consisting keyboard, CPU, mouse and monitor. Now a day, there are almost of the desktop were built in modern, multi-gigabyte magnetic storage drive, CD-ROM drive and sometimes a diskette drive.
Advantage of a desktop
Cost cheaper. Desktop computer is cheaper than a laptop or tablet. Desktop can perform higher quality. Desktop are easy to upgrade and repair because of less expensive. Desktop have larger monitor that you can play games, watch videos and do homework comfortably. Desktop can use more comfortable mouse and keyboard. It got bigger storage system to let you save more data and giving you a faster processors. It also can lower risk of
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It can be more easily to used at a limited space and can be transferred from one place to another place because it is small and light enough. Besides that, the battery was designed to place with the laptop so we don’t need to always plug in when we want to use it. Compared to the old model laptop, the battery of the latest laptop was inbuilt so that it can be slimmer by reducing the gap. A standard laptop weight is about 2-3 kg and is about 2 cm or more in thickness. Among the famous laptop brands around the world are Dell, Apple, Toshiba and so…show more content…
The thin film transistor is much more brighter and sees preferable at various points if compared to the dual-scan screen. Laptops use several different ways to integrate a mouse into the keyboard, as a pointing stick, touch pad or a trackball. The PC Card is a hardware that insertable to add a network interface card or a modem to the laptop. The digital versatile disc drives and the compact disc ROM can be attachable or inbuilt. (Rouse, Laptop Computer, 2008)
Advantage of Laptops
- Laptops provide us the components that occupied by a desktop combined into a portable unit that easy for us to move freely from place to place. Laptops are more convenient to use when working while moving, at a different table or away from our company and office. In terms of weight and size, laptops are more portability than desktops. (Nield, 2017)
Smaller in size
- When the first computer was newly invented, the size was greater than a room, As the technology nowadays are well developed, the performance of the laptops is getting better as well as decreasing in size. If we do the comparison between desktops and laptops, we will find that the size of the desktops are much more bigger than the laptops and the laptops are smaller and easier to move from place to place. Smaller in size of the laptops is now become the trend. (shoaibraza134,

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