Essay On Descartes Theory Of Sameness Of Consciousness

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The problem with identity is defining the criteria for which identity is based off over time. Many philosophers attempt to understand the way humans reason through life. This tends to lead to multiple conclusions, that overlap each other, due to the variety of background of the philosophers. Therefore, the way a philosopher chooses to identify themselves varies from person to person. Basically, there is no concrete conclusion behind how to define identity. This is the main problem. Within this problem is another issue which is the fact that most philosophers disagree with each other and no one can come to a consensus. Descartes has his theory of sameness of soul which simply means you are a free-thinking substance. Then there is Locke who believes in sameness of consciousness. This focuses on the memories of a person and whether they are not they are the same over time. He believes that even if everything, his beliefs, values, perceptions, are false he must exist to be deceived. The only thing he can be sure of is his existence.…show more content…
I believe that, as human beings, every person that enters our lives shapes who we are even in the most minuscule way. The actions of those who raised you effect you without any words being transferred. You grow up following the examples that exist around you and stick in your memory. As a child you witness your parents smiling at strangers and saying a polite hello when they pass so you begin to say hello to strangers. You see your parents stop and help someone who dropped something. The next day in school the kid in front of you drop a pencil so you pick it up and give it back to them. An adult holds the door for you as you enter a building, so you hold the next door open for the person behind you to walk through. It is most likely that most of our current behaviors stem from an unconscious copying of those who surrounded us in

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