Descartes Discourse Method

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Rene Descartes’ “Discourse on the Method” focuses on distinguishing the human rationale, apart from animals and robots. In which he does so by explaining how neither animals, or machines lack the same mental capabilities as a human. For Descartes distinguishes the human rationale apart from non-humans, even though he does agree the two closely resemble each other because of their sense organs, and physical function (Descartes, pp22). However, it is because the mechanical lacks a sufficient aspect of the mind that makes it necessary for them to be equal with humans. Throughout Descartes “Discourse on the Method,” he argues that the significant differences between humans and the mechanical is their limited ability to respond to the world from…show more content…
A conceptual idea of an artificial intelligence that begins at first to recognize particular genres of music that interests the user, and in time forms a collective database of the user’s music. Firstly, the recorded data is collective information gathered from a variety of interests, and in time, the AI will begin to recognize patterns in the user 's interest and begin suggesting things they could enjoy. For example, the Suggestion Bot could ask the user what type of music they listen too, and from a selection of singers, genres, and the moods of the music, the Suggestion Bot would propose a broad range of music the user would be interested in. In time from tracking the user in how they browse and looks for music, it will begin to learn the particular kinds of music the user avidly listens to, and repeatedly. When the user is proposed music, and after they listen to it they must simply give the answer of yes or no. If the user selects yes to the Suggestion Bot, then all is well, and stores the yes’s in its database to stream further recommendations. However, whenever the user clicks no the Suggestion Bot it will ask why? The user must then respond from a straightforward list of reasons, and the AI will narrow down its future suggestions. Effectively the AI will have learnt more about the users taste in music. Through this process, the AI will obtain a better understanding of the user’s taste in music, because of the collective reasons of…show more content…
An example is the artificial intelligence of Eliza (Wamsley, 60) or the Chinese room (Wamsley, 79). Both AI’s recognize particular symbols of language, and respond as a human would. From the idea of these two types of AI’s let us imagine they are shrunk down, perfected, and created in to the format of a cellular device that can be used to recognize any form of language written in to its database. Given this artificial intelligence possess all rules and principles of grammar stored in its language database, it can recognize any conversation and translate the language perfectly. In short, this artificial intelligence is a master of language. However, this artificial intelligence possesses no understanding of anything, rather it follows the rules of grammar to mimic language. Furthermore, this form of ‘intelligence’ is merely one that responds to language through recognizing the rules of language rather understanding the significance of the words itself. Such as John in the Chinese room. This AI recognizes groups of particular words that fit best together, in order to respond (Wamsley 80, 81). From recognizing these symbols, it can give a response equivalent to that of a native speaker. Yet it doesn’t understand why the words are significant, rather only that
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