Essay On Descartes Existence

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The aim of writing this paper is to explain Descartes argument of the existence of the material world. I will walk through different stages in order to explain each idea stated by Descartes. In order to prove the existence of such a world Descartes passed through two moves: the first is by showing that material objects could only be the cause for the existence by excluding out the possible alternatives. The second move is to consider the nature of material objects and show that such attributes could only be possessed by real existent bodies. In this paper I will examine both moves by explaining them and finally I will end my paper through logical conclusion about the existence of the material world. In order to prove Descartes first move we…show more content…
“I think, Therefore I am” This quote by Descartes prove that the person exists by his ability of thinking.[2] Descartes prove the existing of human being through doubting and thinking and he explains his claim by stating that when the person doubt his existence or think about his existence then he exists. [3] Moreover, Descartes imposes an ontological argument to prove gods existence which states that: god is a perfect being and since it is more perfect to exist than not this implies that god exists. [3] He also introduce another more complex argument for god existence which differ between two types of reality. Formal reality is the reality that anything has in feature of existing and it comes with three types: finite, infinite, and mode. [1]The other kind of reality is objective reality which is thing that is a representation of something. It is of three grades which are the same as formal reality. [1] Descartes claims that the idea of god as infinite being is innate in every person. This make this idea an infinite objective reality. [1] Thus Descartes concludes that god exists. Now after we proved the existence of god and our self-according to Descartes we can start analyzing the four
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